2013 Post conference write up

Looking for the speaker slides & demo code? Click here.

Post conference write-up from Simon & Elaine


Wow, can't believe our 3rd JSinSA conference has come ... and gone.
Post conference blues have definitely kicked in, as it does every year. Chocolates and left-over cupcakes ease the lack-of-organizing-pain though. :-)

We were blown away with the level of support from sponsors this year, particularly local ones. Great to see companies wanting to promote their wares to local devs. We had sponsors from all sectors of business: coffee roastery to cloud hosting; big data to gaming magazine ... and a lot in between!

For the second year in a row, we sold out the entire conference during the early-bird special. And pleas for spare tickets continued until the night before!

Demand was sky-high this year and we half expected to see ticket scalpers roaming outside the venue trying to make a quick buck. Our wait list topped out at 20, causing us to use the word sorry in most of our emails leading up to the big day.

We started with an great opening video from the legendary Al Lowe followed by the return of Rey Bango!
After that, the local talent took over and gave a day's worth of technical presentations on topics ranging from javascript data-binding libraries to HTML5 graphics...

We were spoilt by generous sponsors this year that provided many great prizes at the end of the day. A full list can be found here.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account @JSinSA for early news about upcoming events.

Lot's of curly-brace love from,

Simon & Elaine
2 July 2013

Some pictures from the day



Jarrod Hermer

Jarrod Hermer - Typescript

Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

Slides here

Simon Stewart

Simon Stewart - Mongo & LeafletJS

Projects at nVisionIT

Mongo slides here

LeafletJS slides here

Gerrit van Huyssteen

Gerrit van Huyssteen - Multi-platform games with Quintus

Web application and game developer

Slides & demos here

Evan Knowles

Evan Knowles - Intro to HTML5 canvas & Web Audio API - Bits of Sound

Entelect on Facebook
Team Lead at Entelect Software

Slides & demos here

Robert MacLean

Robert MacLean - Visual Studio - the best development tool for web development & JavaScrip

Technology Specialist at BBD

Slides & demos here

Nicolas da Costa

Nicolas da Costa - Mobile HTML5

Developer at Derivco

Slides & demos here

Mike Geyser - KnockoutJS in the engine room

Technical Team Leader at BBD

Slides & demos here and here

Garren Smith

Garren Smith - Tips, tricks and hacks for building a successful single page application

Red Comet Labs
Founder at Red Comet Labs

Slides & demos here

Lance Gleasain

Lance Gleasain - D3 Data Visualization

Polyglot Programming Inc
Founder/CEO at Polyglot Programming Inc.

Slides here and here
Demos here and here

Pieter Germishuys

Pieter Germishuys - LeafletJS, Zero to hero with MVC & AngularJS


MVC & AngularJS Slides & demos here

LeafletJS slides here

Kenneth Kalmer - Unleashing the Rails Asset Pipeline

Chief Rocket Scientist

Slides here

Daniel Temme - Using lineman to build fat JS apps independent of the server-side


Slides here

Rouan Wilsenach - Using lineman to build fat JS apps independent of the server-side

Software developer

Slides here

Che' Nxusani

Internet Solutions
Software Developer
Martin Cronje

Martin Cronje - The 10 most awesome things I found in my favourite JS libraries' source code


Slides here

Steven McDonald

Steven McDonald - CoffeeScript - Why the hardcore hate?

Chase Software
Developer at Chase Software

Slides here

Kevin KcKelvin

Kevin McKelvin - Building Resource Guru's Bookings Calendar v2.0 with Backbone

Senior Ruby Developer at Platform45
Gareth Stephenson

Gareth Stephenson - The new Google Maps API


Slides here, demos here

Mark Pearl

Mark Pearl - Pair programming - do's and don'ts

Driven Software
Developer Coach at Driven Software
Len Weincier

Len Weincier - Practical AngularJS - how not to burn yourself

Cloud Africa

Here is the slidedeck we used at the start of the conference.
Here is the slidedeck showing all the prizes we gave away at the end of the conference.