Find out how to promote your brand at JSinSA 2013

Our sponsors pack is available here.

General conference theme: around new web technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3. It won't be around design specifically, but rather aimed at more a technical audience.

At our 2012 conference, we had 16 sponsors - both local and international. The vast majority contributed either discounts on software or physical goods to be used as prizes. This worked exceptionally well as the sponsors got exposure and the conference organizers got items to give away as prizes or as part of the attendees welcome packs.

As part of our privacy agreement, the list of attendees and speakers will not be made available to sponsors.

Primary audience: programmers and those involved in the technology/startup world.

We are expecting 70 - 80 attendees this year. UPDATE: We had 95 attendees at our 2013 conference.

The website for the 2012 conference can be found here
Information about our 2011 conference can be found here.

Click here if you'd like to look through the sponsors from our 2011 conference.

Click here if you'd like to look through the sponsors from our 2012 conference.

What's in it for you?

This is how we're going to promote your brand at our event:
* include your logo at the bottom of all our pages
* include your logo & URL & marketing blurb on our sponsors page. (our sponsors page will go live shortly)
* include your logo on our slide deck which will be played on repeat for 1 hour leading up to the start of the conference and during the various breaks.
* show a slide of your own design (incl logo, etc...) as we hand out your sponsored prize (if applicable)
* your company is also invited to be onsite during the conference registration period, 1st coffee break (approx 15 minutes) and lunch break (approx 40 minutes)
* should you wish, we can arrange an area at the conference venue for your company to set up a display and have your own staff engage with attendees
* sponsors are welcome to include a marketing brochure for inclusion in the attendee welcome pack
* promotion of your brand via our @JSinSA Twitter account

Looking for some ideas?

We have 3 areas that sponsors helped in the 2012 conference:
* sponsored services at the venue (eg: WiFi)
* items to include in the attendees' welcome pack (here is a picture of the welcome pack from 2012)
* items to be used as prizes at the closing session

Here are some new ideas for 2013:
* t-shirts
* coffee mugs
* bags
* after conference dinner for speaker (dinner sponsors will be invited to attend and give a short talk)
* books & magazines
* discounts on electronic & physical goods applicable to the audience

We are open to any ideas you may have.

How to contact us

The conference organizer:
      Elaine Stewart
      Mobile: +27 (0) 84 746 8496+27 (0) 84 746 8496