What's the aim of the conference?

Delivering a full day of technical content covering many of the new technologies & techniques available for web developers today.

Attending this conference, will jump start your knowledge of the latest web technologies and enable you to start using them on your project.

We are a vendor-neutral conference, so if you're a Ruby on Rails/ASP.NET/Node.js dev, you'll be at home and surrounded by experts in each of those fields. It's the perfect opportunity to chat with peers in the field and exchange ideas and techniques to broaden your knowledge.

Who's it for?

Hard-core web developers with a thirst for knowledge and an interest in networking with peers in the industry.

When and where?

Saturday 29th June 2013.

Venue Address

What will I learn?

For the first time this year, we are running multiple tracks for several of our sessions. There will also be hands-on workshops to cover certain technologies in more detail.
Check out our awesome agenda.

Please bring your notebook along!


Early bird pricing is R 800/ticket which includes:

- coffee, snacks during the day
- a full lunch
- lucky-draw prizes
- our famous welcome pack at registration
- WiFi
- oh, and a dozen technical sessions to choose from covering some the latest technologies and patterns available!

Interested in knowing what our conference is like? Feel free to ask on Twitter!

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