Post conference write up

See further down the page for pictures of the conference and links to presentations.

Closing note from organiser


Thank you so much for coming to our conference a few weeks ago.

We had great fun hosting the event and judging by the number of people who were still at the conference at 6pm, it seemed to be enjoyed by all.

Those that indicated their interest would have been sent the link for the Symbolicon icon bundle which I hope you've enjoyed.
The Intersoft book discount is available here:

For those that filled out the eval forms, thank you for all your comments. We've already been in touch.
Anyone else that wishes to give us feedback is welcome to reply with any info we should know.

In the next month or so, the planning for our 2013 event will kick in. It's a long way off, so we'll hold off on any further announcements until plans are further along, but at this point I'm thinking of going back to hardcore javascript as the overriding topic.

Thanks to all our sponsors for the give aways.

And a last thank you goes to our speakers who made the event the success it was this year.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account @JSinSA for early news about upcoming events.

Chat again when we have something interesting to share.


Some pictures from the day

Day before, and yes, my office has looked worse. Poor @BadLassie (legendary conference dog) is trapped under my desk in this photo.

One of our sponsors gave each attendee personalized conference business cards this year as a way of helping with networking.

We put tons of thought into the welcome packs this year. Seemed to turn out just fine ... :-)

Nothing like an empty conference hall...

Thankfully it didn't stay like that for long.

Tons to eat at lunch time.

A JSinSA conference wouldn't be complete without cupcakes for everyone. This year we went for branded HTML5 and CSS3 cupcakes from a local supplier.

A different array of free stuff was waiting for attendees at each of the breaks.

Some action shots from a few of our sessions.


The full agenda with session details can be found here.


Johann de Swardt

Johann de Swardt - HTML5 and CSS3 - this is bat country

(Aitako Consulting, )

slides here
demos here

Robert MacLean

Robert MacLean - Building Windows 8 applications with JavaScript

(BBD, )

slides here
demos here

Peter Munnings

Peter Munnings - Databinding in HTML5 is a Knockout

(Dariel Solutions, )

slides here
demos here

Steven McDonald

Steven McDonald - SASS and the Compass framework

(Chase Software, )

slides and demos here (rename to .7z)

Mark Pearl

Mark Pearl - 5 things that made me a better programmer

(Driven Software, )

slides here

Simon Stewart

Simon Stewart - Why Google Dart is a beautiful language

(Broken Keyboards Software, )

slides here

William Brander

William Brander - Using Websockets Today

Voted best talk of JSinSA 2012!

(BBD, )

slides here

Jarrod Hermer

Jarrod Hermer - Storing Data On The Client with HTML5

(Microsoft, )

slides here
demos here (rename to .7z)

Garren Smith

Garren Smith - Develop mobile web apps like the Cool Kids

(Microsoft, )

slides here
demos here
source code here

Pieter Germishuys

Pieter Germishuys - Making games with HTML5

(SA Home Loans)

slides here
demos here

Marc Heiligers

Marc Heiligers - Lessons learnt from Mad Mimi 2

(Mad Mimi,

slides here

Here is the slidedeck we used at the start of the conference.
Here is the slidedeck showing all the prizes we gave away at the end of the conference.