The Agenda

We believe our agenda will make this event the technical conference to attend in 2011.

Saturday 2th April 2011

7:00am - 8:00am Registration, networking, coffee & muffins
8:00am - 8:15am Welcome
8:20am - 8:50am Keynote : JavaScript - the wax on your surfboard Tristan Bergh
The conference keynote will explore the ubiquity of JavaScript and how it has quietly become one of the major tools used in creating rich, meaningful interfaces to the Internet experience.
I will explore John Lennon's quote "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans" and we'll probe some interesting possibilities using JavaScript in a predictive thought experiments regarding hyper-scale computing and a very opinionated piece on JavaScript and my car.
Finally, the interesting case of a technology copied by Microsoft, coffee by lamplight and indulgent bits.
8:55am - 9:40am Session 1 : Google Closure tools Simon Stewart
Google builds some of the most complex javascript applications and these are a few of the tools they use to help them stay productive.
9:40am - 9:55am Break 1
9:55am - 10:40am Session 2 : Rocking it with node.js Garren Smith
node.js is the new cool kid on the block. What is all the fuss about it? What are the best situations to use it. What libraries are available and how to get started in node.js. I will give an introduction on the power of node.js and get everyone rocking out to it.
10:45am - 11:30am Session 3 : Building JavaScript Widgets Marc Heiligers
When you're building a web application you inevitably end up with a number of useful, reusable components, or widgets. These may be common components you'd see in any good widget library like buttons, dialogs, toolbars and such, or much more specific widgets designed specifically for your app.
In this talk I will cover where to find existing widgets, how to extend existing widgets and how to set about writing your own widgets, and then how to build more complex widgets using a combination of simpler widgets. I will provide some tips and tricks which will help you resolve common problems and talk about testing and performance. The discussion will be generic but the examples will be using Prototype.js and Scriptaculous.
11:35am - 12:20pm Session 4 : Javascript best practice tips for performance and achieving code scale Simon Stewart
Unfortunately scripting languages often end in spaghetti code.
This talk will guide you through various patterns to keep your code clean and numerous techniques to keep your code running fast.
12:20pm - 1:00pm Lunch & workshop
Several key attendees and speakers will be making time to go over techniques and questions with you line by line.

Open mike session*
If you have a startup and want to get some exposure to potential investors/employees/partners/customers, this is a great opportunity to take up the stage and present something.
* time dependent

bonus lunchtime session with Sergey Ilinsky
In this special bonus session, Sergey will talk about the Ample SDK javascript GUI framework and give you some candid insights into the javascript community.
1:00pm - 1:45pm Session 5 : this, closures and why you should know about them Joshua Freislich
1:50pm - 2:35pm Session 6 : qUnit - javascript unit testing Jarrod Hermer
This session will get you started with qUnit and show you some of the benefits.
2:35am - 2:50pm Break 2
2:50am - 3:35pm Session 7 : Javascript visualisation libraries Brendon McLean
This talk will cover the visual tools available to you in javascript, including Raphael, Canvas2D and a bit of WebGL.
3:40am - 4:25pm Session 8 : Javascript MVC Hendrik Louw
This talk will run through the various MVC frameworks available now for JS. The general usage patterns and benefits of each will be shown through working code.
4:30am - 5:15pm Session 9 : jQuery 1.5 - new stuff and other things you may not know Peter Munnings
Learn some of the new features in jQuery 1.5 such as templating and the deferred/Promises design.
You will also see how live and delegate are used for eventing with jQuery.
5:20am - 5:30pm Closing & giveaways

We have compiled the best and most relevant Javascript content and plan on making your day with us as rewarding as possible.